Steve Petrick-Underwood originally asked the question, why are our early post-fire forests burning? Scott Weyenberg headed this project during the 2001 fire season. All plots were installed by the Yellowstone Fire Effects Monitoring Crew. Many of these plots were sampled using volunteer labor from the University of Iowa students and faculty (Patrick Moss) and Brigham Young University (Matt Bekker) as part of a Field Methods course. Several plots were sampled using the University of Idaho's Upward Bound Program for high school students under the direction of Jim Biesel and coordinated by Molly Ward, Sally Plumb, MacNeil Lyons and Yellowstone's Formal Education Office. The Yellowstone Fire Use Module provided assistance with plot sampling and provided valuable weather and fire behavior monitoring information and observations, without which relationships between fuels and weather could not be made: J.D. Bauman, Brandee Boggs, Katie Horner, B. Cole Irvin, and Doug Kraus. Roy Renkin provided aerial observations of fire behavior for many of the fires. Roy, Tim Klukas, and Don Despain provided invaluable discussion and insight. Ashley Sites provided critiques of early models.