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Yellowstone National Park

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Cub Creek

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Series Name: YELL 2 Early Post-fire Lodgepole Pine
Plot: Cub Creek
Cover Type: LP0
Overstory composition: Lodgepole pine
Shrub composition: Grouse whortleberry 83%, Ribes 3%
Herbaceous composition: Brome 14%, Elk sedge 9%
Aspect: 23°T
Slope: 10%
Elevation: 8,424ft2,568m
UTME: 562759
UTMN: 4927413
Fuel load, One-hour: 0.009t/ac0.002kg/m2
Fuel load, Ten-hour: 0.879t/ac0.197kg/m2
Fuel load, Hundred-hour: 1.467t/ac0.329kg/m2
Fuel load, Thousand-hour Solid: 29.040t/ac6.510kg/m2
Fuel load, Thousand-hour Rotten: 19.770t/ac4.432kg/m2
Fuel load, Litter: 1.56t/ac0.349kg/m2
Fuel load, Duff: 6.01t/ac1.348kg/m2
Fuel load, Live herbaceous: 0.402t/ac0.090kg/m2
Fuel load, Live woody: 0.755t/ac0.169kg/m2
Fuel Bed Depth, Dead: 0.39ft11.8cm
Fuel Bed Depth, Herbaceous: ftcm
Depth, Litter: 0.4in1.0cm
Depth, Duff: 0.3in0.8cm
Overstory live trees: 859stems/ac2,123stems/ha
Overstory snags: 0stems/ac0stems/ha
Seedling live trees: 2,523stems/ac0stems/ha
Seedling dead trees: 161stems/ac0stems/ha
Seedling height: 2.31ft0.70m
Canopy closure: %
Crown ratio: 75%
Basal area: 151.9ft2/ha34.9m2/ha
Codominant height: 35.2ft10.7m
Canopy base height: 3.0ft0.9m
Canopy ceiling height: 43.0ft13.1m
Canopy length: 40.0ft12.2m
Crown base height: 7.2ft2.2m
Crown depth: 21.1ft6.4m
Canopy fuel load: 4.27t/ac0.96kg/m2
Canopy bulk density, Segmental: 0.00670lbs/ft3107.3g/m3
Canopy bulk density, Volumetric: 0.00920lbs/ft3147.4g/m3
Remarks: This area burned in a surface fire during the 2003 East fire while the surrounding forest crowned. The area is part of the 12 ha (30 acre) 1955 Cub Cr fire (48 yr old stand). This sampling was not a full photoseries plot. See the methods section.

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