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Yellowstone National Park

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Fan Creek

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Series Name: YELL 2 Early Post-fire Lodgepole Pine
Plot: Fan Creek
Cover Type: LP0
Overstory composition: Lodgepole pine
Shrub composition: Grouse whortleberry 19%, Spiraea 5%
Herbaceous composition: Elk sedge 33%, Grass 9%, Aster sp. 8%
Aspect: 102°T
Slope: 25%
Elevation: 7,983ft2,433m
UTME: 499746
UTMN: 4982407
Fuel load, One-hour: 0.244t/ac0.055kg/m2
Fuel load, Ten-hour: 1.190t/ac0.267kg/m2
Fuel load, Hundred-hour: 2.088t/ac0.468kg/m2
Fuel load, Thousand-hour Solid: 13.050t/ac2.925kg/m2
Fuel load, Thousand-hour Rotten: 1.210t/ac0.271kg/m2
Fuel load, Litter: 0.95t/ac0.213kg/m2
Fuel load, Duff: 1.08t/ac0.243kg/m2
Fuel load, Live herbaceous: 0.379t/ac0.085kg/m2
Fuel load, Live woody: 0.260t/ac0.058kg/m2
Fuel Bed Depth, Dead: 0.30ft9.1cm
Fuel Bed Depth, Herbaceous: ftcm
Depth, Litter: 0.2in0.6cm
Depth, Duff: 0.1in0.1cm
Overstory live trees: 107stems/ac264stems/ha
Overstory snags: 250stems/ac618stems/ha
Seedling live trees: 286stems/ac618stems/ha
Seedling dead trees: 0stems/ac618stems/ha
Seedling height: 1.60ft0.49m
Canopy closure: %
Crown ratio: %
Basal area: 18.7ft2/ha4.3m2/ha
Codominant height: ftm
Canopy base height: ftm
Canopy ceiling height: ftm
Canopy length: ftm
Crown base height: ftm
Crown depth: ftm
Canopy fuel load: t/ackg/m2
Canopy bulk density, Segmental: lbs/ft3g/m3
Canopy bulk density, Volumetric: lbs/ft3g/m3
Remarks: Installed on the 2003 Fan Fire ignited 12 July. This fire was suppressed before the plot had a chance to burn. This plot was only partially sampled.

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